How This All Started

My name is David Cleveland, and I am the  founder and CEO of  ECELLS, INC. This is my story of how our company began.

Our Journey Began...

This all started when I realized the Electric bike I purchased with its low amp hour battery that didn’t even begin to fulfill the exaggerated marketing numbers that had been promised. Expecting to play it safe and only plan on riding a total of 20 miles (they claimed 30 miles), I ran out of power after only riding 15 miles. I had to pedal, unassisted, this 70 lb. bike home now in the rain, all the time exclaiming to myself and God there had to be a better way.

I became challenged to find a battery and eventually an electric bike that would exceed their exaggerated claims. And so I began my journey head on into the E-Bike industry to find the solutions to this perplexing question: Is it possible to truly find “Power that Excells’”? I started this business because I found an answer to that question and it’s a resounding: YES! And thus a company was formed to prove it can be done and, like our slogan says, we have “Power that Excells” far beyond expectations! That’s when I formed ECELLS, INC.

david cleveland

Better E-Bikes, for All of Us

At first I started the journey for myself, but now I want to share my newfound knowledge with all E-bikers everywhere. For those who every day commute to work and always have to worry about being late to work. For those who go up into the mountains and have to worry about the approaching darkness and running out of power. For the wife going shopping and having the fear of pedaling unassisted home and the hubby saying “Where you been? You’re late! “. For the seniors who find themselves wanting to act like 14-year-olds again. For the dad who wanted to keep up with his son pedaling and, after finding the right bike, can now beat him in a race. I’m doing this for them and you.

We at E-Cells test every product and offer exceptional products at affordable pricing. I find the better components and though they may be slightly higher priced, we include them with our products. We will be offering advice and teaching you how to upgrade your bike for more efficiency and endurance.

I do this because I believe that integrity can’t be bought or sold. It has to be earned through adherence to an utter code of sincerity and a total commitment to excellence. This is not marketing; this is in my heart, and I’m proud to be able to offer quality products to you.

Grow with Us

We look forward to growing together as a family. Join our free membership as we begin to constantly develop new insights, listen to your feedback, and even have you join us in product testing, using your feedback to help us all. Our ears are open, and we listen. We will only get better because we rely on our customers for feedback. We are developing products that solve problems in the e-biking industry with patent pending technology. There is a better way… it’s the E-Cells way.

(This is not Cleveland’s first venture in the battery and motor business. He was the owner of the nationally recognized Endurance Racing Products in the early 1990’s and his company recorded 23 National and 3 World Championships with his motors and batteries in the radio controlled racing industry. In 1991 he was awarded the National Champion Team Cup at the NORCCA National Championships beating out teams like LOSI, ASSOCIATED, and many more.  He’s also a disabled American Veteran having served during the Vietnam war with the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper.)

Best e-bike on the market. Assembly took under an hour for the two Super Monarchs.When my wife and I head out along the Madison river in MT, or the Russia River to fly-fish for the day, I know we are going to make it back to our camper each evening!
Charley S.
I deliver for UberEats in San Francisco and needed a bike to help with the hills. I couldn’t be happier with the Super Monarch. This bike rocks! The dual motors allow me to take direct routes to customers on streets where even the sidewalks have steps.
San Francisco UberEats Driver
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