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Charley’s E-Cells Experience: The “Best E-Bike on the Market”

“Best e-bike on the market. Bought two 1000W E-Cells Super Monarchs 1 with the beautiful candy red paint, the other in the orange which my wife liked best.

We formerly manufactured a product and packaging was always a significant cost consideration. E-Cells is not sparing expense in their packaging. Heavy wall boxing and memory foam generously employed resulted in the two e-bikes arriving in perfect condition.

Assembly took under an hour for the two Super Monarchs.

We are an avid fly fishing couple with our 2020 route planned for Texas to the Alaska from May they Nov.

As an offshore engineer to the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, I depended upon highest quality gear and more importantly redundant equipment. It was that experience that led me to choosing the dual motor, dual battery, dual brakes dual suspension Super Monarch. When my wife and I head out along the Madison river in MT, or the Russia River to fly-fish for the day, I know we are going to make it back to our camper each evening!

The amazing paint work in these bikes is as good as that in any Harley-Davidson we own.

At 67 and 64 we are going to have the greatest access we’ve ever had courtesy of our E-Cells as travel from National Park to park.

I welcome continued reporting of our E-Cells Experience throughout 2020.”

– Charley S.


  1. I own 2 Pedego Trailtrackers (2015), and had a custom 63V ebike built in 2016. I ride them primarily into the back country to fish in the Lake Tahoe Basin (NV). I got tired of walking these bikes up steep mountain roads due to lack of power. I purchased the Monarch 1500 from ECell. The same steep mountain road that I had to walk the other bikes up, I rode the 1500 up the mountain going 14 mph. Not only is this bike the most powerful, the thought behind the design and use of the Monarch took years of engineering. I’m thrilled with the power, hydraulic brakes, frame charging port, security passcode to operate, keys to remove the batteries, head and tail lights, phone charging port, dual shocks, saddle bags and the fit and finish of the bike. Even the location of the heavy duty kickstand indicates the thought behind the design. I’m 65 y/o and weigh 210lbs. I carry 50 lbs of fishing gear with me. The Monarch 1500 has exceeded my expectations in every way. I did my research before purchasing. This is by far the best value of any bike on the market!

  2. I agree with John B! At age 70 and weighing 215 lbs I wanted a bike that could do it all. The 1500 Monarch is a go anywhere beast of a bike. Up hills, pavement, dirt, sand, groomed trails or make your own trail, it performs. In October I took a 44 mile ride around Michigan’s Lake Charlevoix and still had 52% of battery life remaining. That’s the kind of safety margin I like. Now that it’s November the Michigan days are getting colder, which impacts battery life, but having that second battery gives you confidence to adventure out further.
    And let me tell you about Ecells Service…..when I had a problem with the front air fork they were with me every step of the way and provided the options I needed. I prefer to do my own repairs so Ecells’ provided me with parts and talked me through every unfamiliar set to make the repair easy. That’s Five Stars in my book (and guess what? They answer the phone, unlike other e-bike company’s I’ve tried to communicate with).

  3. Received my Super Monarch 1000 Friday. Built it Sunday morning in about an hour and another Half hour watching David’s video on setting up the motors. I purchased the Candy Apple Red bike. It is a beautiful piece of machinery. E Cell has left nothing on the table when it comes to fit and finish on this bicycle. With that done it was time for the test ride. I live on a lake in western Pa. The lake has been frozen with about 3″ of fresh snow. The bike rides like a Cadillac, changes gears, switching motors from single to dual, peddle assist everything was smooth as silk. Travelled 30 miles on the ice with the biggest smile I have had in years. I have 3 other E Bikes and hands down none of them is in the same league as the E Cell. Spoke with David and Rachelle on the phone before purchase. They could not have been more helpful and accommodating. Thank you E Cell, I can’t wait for my next adventure!

  4. Ron Nowack

    Hi my name is Ron and i do like the Bike you are selling the E cells big Bike limited Edition the super monarch. But i hope it can hold up to 300 or 325 at least of the riders weight.and if he is say pulling a dear because you can not always tell how much a dear or a Elk would be. and the second reason for this note to you is will you back up the consumer when it come to parts before they buy the Bike if anything should go wrong with the wires or the motor.???”’ would you be able to repair the bike for not to much money.??? and Because many Bike shops will not fix the problems that can happen on the bike when it dose happen. they will just not touch them in the regular Bike shops. i really don’t want that to happen to me if i should buy one of your bikes. or it would not be wise for me to even get started when i can.??’ and i hope i may be able to get one of your machines. But i would ask this of any company. thank you for your time. But i will say one thing more the wires on a bike like this could be very costly so with out good running wires there is no bike for me to ride. so the cover of all parts is very important to me. and i wish all the electric bikes and the motors would last longer then 3 years. if i had one of your bikes i would have to put in the shed out side the roof dose not leak. but would the bike be ok parked in side and maybe i could get a plastic cover for the bike. please let me know that you read this ‘ Thank you for your time. Ron Nowack

    1. Hello Ron, Your concerns are well understood. All the essential wires are encased within the tube and we haven’t had any problems with other customers. We stock parts here in Nevada and usually can ship out any needed parts within 48 hours. Our friendly staff are as close to the phone and we can assist with any questions you may have. Give us a call at 702-960-2015. Thank you

  5. Greetings….just a few days from putting in an order (Monarch 1000). But have a few questions first.
    What bike rack(s) would you recommend for a Toyota 4 Runner (2019).
    Is the torque sensor now on all 2022 models?
    Since there are no authorized E Cell repair shops (DC), does any work preformed on the bike void warranty?
    Do replacement/repair parts come with detailed instructions?

    Thank you

    1. Use the Harbor Freight 4000 lb motorcycle carrier. All the Super Monarch bikes have a torque sensor. WE send you a return box and repair or replace here at our facility in Nevada. WE have a skilled tech walk you through any needed repairs. Thank you for your questions. David

      1. Thank you David for taking time to answer my questions….Btw, your customer service is fantastic.

  6. My wife is 5feet 1 inches can she ride the 1500 super monarch

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