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Commuter E-bikes

Have fun getting to and from work on a commuter e-bike from E-Cells. Our Super Monarch 700- and 1000-watt electric urban bikes with pedal assist have the range and power you need to arrive to work on time and get home again on a single charge. Swap the crowds and hassle of commuting by car, train, or bus for the invigorating zip of a commuter e-bike. These e-bikes also suit comfortable cross-country touring, so feel free to take the scenic route! Equipped with all-wheel drive, both the 700- and 1000-watt models can power through inclement weather on hilly country roads, as well as flatter city streets.

Our Super Monarch models now feature an integrated charging port that juices up the bike’s dual batteries simultaneously. No more connecting two chargers: You’ll restore full power to your two-battery bike using just one port.

On top of that, the Super Monarch features dual hub motors and dual suspension for a powerful, smooth ride. Get your workout done on your commute with the pedal-assist feature. Or, if time is running short, use the throttle to achieve the maximum allowable speed to get you to your office or meeting on time. Our 1,000-watt model features an iPhone and Android–compatible dashboard, too! Your coworkers will all want to know everything about your Super Monarch 1000-watt AWD e-bike from E-Cells.

There’s room on your Super Monarch for rear-rack panniers to bring home the groceries or deliver them to others. Urban bike messengers and food delivery services appreciate the power and maneuverability of commuter e-bikes. They’ll go where cars can’t, right to the door of their destination, all while helping their riders up any hills along the way. These electric urban bikes are both powerful and tough. City streets can challenge bikes with potholes and debris, but our fat tire Super Monarchs can handle whatever the streets may throw at them. Shop our Super Monarch line of commuter e-bikes to discover the joy of an open-air commute! Contact us for more information or with any questions you have about our city commuter electric bikes.

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