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Why settle for an electric bike that only gets you half the way to your destination? Even worse, why settle for an electric bike with weak power? These are questions you might be asking yourself if you’ve never heard of E-Cells line of AWD pedal-assist electric bikes. Our line of highly capable electric bikes for sale combine the power to keep you moving in all conditions, and the long-lasting reliability to get you to wherever your destination might be, with enough power to conquer any terrain you come across.

We have AWD electric bikes ranging in power from 600 watts to 1500 watts—that’s more than enough energy to get you moving and keep you moving, even up hills, in all conditions. Our pedal-assisted electric bike system means you can pedal along if you want or sit back and let our powerful dual-motors do the work for you.

If you’re looking to invest in your own electric bike we have for sale or would like more information on our electric pedal-assist bikes, contact us today.

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What Our E-Cells Owners Have to Say:

I got a 1,000W SuperMonarch to review and this is one of the most fun e-bikes I’ve ridden in a long time (and I ride different e-bikes almost every day). I can ride it to a bike park 6 miles away, ride around all afternoon, then ride it home and I still have over half of my battery left. And the power is just insane. I hit 33 MPH and when you totally unlock the power it feels like a motorcycle. It’s just a crazy fun ebike!
So far, the bike’s been great! I ride it about 13 miles a day, to work and other places before heading home, and at that rate, I’ve had enough battery power to run between 3-4 days (throttle only one way, pedal assist the other). Ever since I adjusted the pressure in the front and rear shocks for my weight, the ride’s been pretty smooth, even over the dark, uneven, root-strewn path I take home. The gear shifting is smooth when pedaling, and the power when using full throttle lets me either keep up with the slower traffic or shoot ahead to get into position so that they can pass me safely. It’s been pretty much the best electric bike I’ve owned, and I’ve had several.
What a surprise it was when I opened the box, a helmet! Once I got all the protective packaging off, I assembled the Super Monarch in about 30 minutes. It was simple. Put the front wheel, the fender, and the handlebars and your done! What a beautiful bike this is. I didn’t think I’d like the color, but wow this is a perfect match. Love it. Took me awhile to understand the color display and how to setup my private pin code, but not complicated at all. My first ride scared me with all its torque and speed, but once you got comfortable with the Super Monarch 1000, no problems. Glad I bought it and I’m really considering getting my wife a 700. Of course I wouldn’t want her to beat me. I weigh 240 and her 130, lol. I too, give it two thumbs up.

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