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Off-Road E-Bikes

To take you anywhere you need to go—whether through the woods, over hills, or across valleys, all while crawling over rough terrains like rocks and brush—E-Cells brings you the off-road e-bikes you can trust. Our electric bike models bring you the best combination of power, handling, suspension, and off-road capabilities combined into one package. Depending on your riding style, our all-terrain electric bikes offer the option between pedal-assisted riding or full-throttle operation.

With various models of all-wheel drive electric bikes, handling off-road situations is easy. By combining large tires with responsive power coming from our dual-hub motors, you’ll know you have the power to conquer and challenge you face. Our flagship model of e-bike, the Super Monarch, comes equipped with twin hub motors, providing a total of 1000 watts of power coming from two wheels. Combining this with a twin battery and twin suspension design, and you have yourself the perfect off-road e-bike for all sorts of adventures.

Made especially for hunting and more extreme off-road conditions, our E-Cells Super Monarch Crown 1500-watt offering is an even more capable option for an off-road e-bike; it takes the best pieces from our Super Monarch and makes them even better. If you typically use your electric bike for hunting, this model may be perfect for you. After all, you can enjoy a hunting e-bike that is even more powerful than our other Super Monarch models. With extra power, you’ll have the strength you need to pull or carry game out of the woods and back to your vehicle. This cross-country touring bike is perfect for every off-road situation, whether you’re camping, hunting, adventuring, or even commuting.

For more information on the off-road e-bikes we offer at E-Cells, get in touch with us today. We’re here to bring you the most capable outdoor electric bike to conquer any off-road situation. Shop with us and find the best option for your needs.

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