E-Cells Super Monarch™

AWD 1500 Dual Crown Off-Road E-Bike





It just keeps getting better and better…


We here at E-Cells are constantly providing new innovative products that have made us a recognized pioneer in this industry and you, the consumer, have played an important role in this process. You asked for it so here it is!

This year we are happy to announce a whole new style of E-Bike with: A Dual Motor, Dual Battery, Dual Suspension, and now a  DUAL CROWN FORK!

This baby has all the standard features of our existing E-CELLS SUPER MONARCH AWD 1500 CROWN bikes, plus the following:

  • A specially developed Dual Crown fork that is stiffer has far less flex and is overall stronger than our current single crown bike. Also, instead of 80mm of travel, the new fork offers 120mm of travel and offers the ability to adjust compression with a lockout feature, but it also has rebound adjustment!

  • A 48v Motorcycle style 48V headlight that truly lights up the night! 

  • A special controller





  • MOTOR: Twin 750watt52v Bafang geared hub motors have been specially built for E-cells and have a combined 170 nm of torque giving you twice the torque than a standard 48v750 watt hub motor. With dual motors (AWD) you will climb like a Billy Goat and go places other bikes can’t go. Would you go up into the mountains with snow in a truck with a two-wheel drive or with a four-wheel drive? Then why would you buy a one-wheel drive system on an E-bike? E-Cells the only twin motor, twin battery, full-suspension bike on the market! (IP 65 Waterproof rated)
  • CONTROLLER: 52V Sine Wave 45-amp controller with 18 MOSFETS sealed in conductive gel to help dissipate heat away from the heat-sensitive components and provide waterproofing. (IP 65 Waterproof rated) Also included is two 1.25×3.5” aluminum cooling fins to aid in heat dissipation.
  • PEDAL ASSIST  NOW HAS A TORQUE SENSOR: 1:1 with 9 levels of assist with a torque sensor. Now you can transition from very little effort in pedaling and gradually decrease the assistance as your legs get stronger. (IP 65 Waterproof rated)
  • DISPLAY DASHBOARD:750-C DISPLAY with pin code lockout as a security feature. Smart battery indicator, providing a reliable battery indicator; Mileage indicator: Odometer/Trip distance/Clock/Riding time. Know how much power you’re using with its Power indicator: real-time power indicator, digital or analog. 6km walking feature to walk beside bike or to power the bike upstairs with our two-drive system as you walk beside. Speed display: RT SPEED MAX SPEED AVG SPEED.KM/ Mile and mileage with: ODO, Trip, Time, Range (IP 65 Waterproof rated) This system is not Bluetooth compatible.
  • THROTTLE: Half-twist throttle on the right-hand side with leather grip. (IP 65 Waterproof rated)
  • BATTERIES:  A total of 1638 Watt Hours of power a 9% increase over the 700 and 1000w Super Monarchs- 52Volt 17.5AH Front Battery with USB phone charge port and charge indicator, + a 52Volt14AH Rear rack battery using SAMSUNG 35E 18650 3500mh matched batteries with an on/off toggle switch and built rear taillight. These specially designed batteries are designed to fire out 45 amp of power each so you can run one battery at a time and still provide 2200 watts of power to the front and rear motors or use both batteries simultaneously. This allows the batteries to run much cooler increasing the efficiency and thus the overall run time for more mileage.
  • NEW INTEGRATED CHARGE PORT ON FRAME. AN E-CELLS EXCLUSIVE FEATURE! (Patent Pending) Now instead of using two chargers to charge the two batteries, we have developed a charge port on the frame.
  • BATTERY CHARGING TIME 7 hours if batteries are fully exhausted.
  • BATTERY CHARGERS: One 5 amp charger/fan charging 2 batteries at once.
  • LIGHTS: FRONT SPECIAL 48v 32LED’s MOTORCYCLE STYLE HEADLIGHT and Rear Light equipped in rear rack battery.
  • CABLES AND CONNECTIONS: All waterproof connectors. Each motor can be disconnected for on-road use to comply with local laws restricting the amount of power in use.


  • FRAME: #6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
  • FRONT FORK: DUAL CROWN FORK with 120mm of travel and compression and rebound adjustment.
  • REAR SUSPENSION: The RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock. The Monarch’s lightweight design delivers silky smooth travel, but thanks to a redesigned Solo Air spring with updated damping controls, it also delivers a spring rate you’d generally only get from a much heavier coil shock. So, you get a durable, fully adjustable shock capable of smoothing out the most aggressive trails while simultaneously saving you weight for epic cross-country riding.
  • STEM: PROMAX Aluminum Alloy Adjustable
  • HEADSET: NECO Aluminum Alloy
  • SEAT POST: PROMAX Aluminum Alloy Seat Post 32mm
  • SADDLE: Fat Seat has been upgraded for your riding comfort.
  • GRIPS: Comfortable ergonomic leather grips allow you to rest the heel of your hand firmly on the handlebars for added safety and support. They also lessen numbness.
  • DRINK CUP BOSSES. Pre-drilled holes on the top frame with hex bolts allow for easy drink cup installation.
  • SEAT POST: height is 19″ with a standover height of 30.5″



  • RIM: Double Wall aluminum painted to match frame or anodized with some models. This prevents a spoke from puncturing the inner tube in the event of a high-impact event and also helps to strengthen the wheel.
  • SPOKE: Strong 12 gauge steel with stainless steel Beds
  • TIRES: The Super Monarch Crown now comes with Vee Bulldozer is a 26 “x 4.25” MPC 72tpi.  This aggressive tire is designed to pound the trail into submission regardless of how soft, loose or wet the terrain is. At the heart of Bulldozer is an aggressive tread pattern this is a very popular mountain bike design that’s been ballooned to cover more ground in a very aggressive fashion. The tread pattern has alternating twin paddle blades on each side of the centerline, inter-spaced with chamfered edging center blocks to dig and drive deeply, delivering you to your destination quickly no matter how bad (or good) traction is.
  • FRONT and Rear BRAKE; TEKTRO AURIGA SERIES DISC BRAKE SYSTEM, HYDRAULIC DISK BRAKES WITH FOUR PISTONS E-Bike – Hydraulic Disc Brake With Sensor Control Design upgraded with a 203MM w/2.3MM THICK Disk Rotor
  • BRAKE LEVERS: Tektro Forge aluminum lever / Cast aluminum bracket 4 finger blade with ball end



  • CASSETTE SPROCKET: 10-SPEED  SHIMANO DEORE CS-H650-10  HYPERGLIDE. Delivers precise and consistent shifting across a wide range of Mountain bike conditions – 11-36T MTB Cassette Sprocket (11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36Tooth)
  • DERAILLEUR: Shimano TEN SPEED  Deore RD-M6000 rear derailleur is optimized for Shimano’s “Dyna-Sys” technology. Chain bouncing can often cause noise as the chain slaps the top and bottom of the chainstay, or even derail from the front chainring in extreme circumstances. When set to the ON position, the switch dampens the cage and, therefore, a consequent chain movement for a nearly silent and stable riding experience. In the OFF position, it eases the installation and removal of the rear wheel by relaxing the spring tension of the cage. The low-profile design is intended for more aggressive riding and saves the rear derailleur from damage in narrow passages. Direct routing reduces the risk of snagging.
  • CHAIN: KMC X10E with stretch proof treatment, high torsion resistance, and TRIPLEX DURABILITY
  • Total weight with batteries 95 lbs. 
  • OUR STANDARD FRAME SIZE IS A LARGE 19″.  17″ and 20″ also available.

Each bike will receive the following accessories:

OVER $150 IN ACCESSORIES included with order:

  • HELMET ($30 Value)



Additional information


Black, Blue, Camo, Matte Black, Orange, Red

Frame Size

17 in, 19 in, 20 in


  1. Christopher E. Langham

    I can’t believe more people haven’t reviewed this awesome and amazing bike. I am so pleased with my Super Monarch Crown 1500. I live on my sailboat and it fits perfectly for my upcoming long transits I am hopeful to complete. I also work on a boat and if you take out the battery and walk them up first the bike is a breeze to then pick up and carry on deck. I recently rode this bicycle from The bike shop in Pahrump Nevada all the way back to my boat in Houston, Texas (1740 miles). I tested it “every which way but loose” and found it met every challenge and test I put it up against. I also averaged about 100 miles a day between throttling and using pedal assist 4 mode. I say it’s the easiest decision you’ll ever make. Get one today. Tell them Christopher sent you. I believe in this company and after meeting and getting to know the owner David a little, I am certain this is the best company and a model for a franchise. E-Cells is the best bike I’ve ever owned and I’ve personally owned 14 bikes in the last 19 years…

  2. PM

    I purchased the SUPER MANARCH AWD 1500 WATT DUAL CROWN LIMITED EDITION about three months ago, then waited about two months due to back order, shipping or whatever? Having never waited so long for a purchase before. I filled my time watching E-Bike riding videos, especially those on trail rides through the woods, which was my planned destination for this AWD E-Bike.
    So this 5′-9″, 215 lb. sixty year old, who hadn’t ridden a bike for 40 years, just waited for his personal gift to arrive, telling friends, “only 8 more weeks, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”, until it shipped on time, then it took Fed Ex another two weeks to deliver it.

    Finally, it was here! The shipping box was undamaged, so I began unpacking it. I just wanted to savor the build and enjoying it, like a model airplane built in my youth, but the E-Bike was easier and quicker than I had hoped, about 2 hrs. With most of that time being added by re-adjusting things to fit my grip.

    As stated earlier, I had way too much time on my hands and far too many E-Mountain Bike video’s watched with one thing in common, something not included with my new E-Bike purchase. And that was ALL of the RIDER’S really enjoyed a Dropper Seat on their E-Bikes, which I had never heard of before, but it made sense, so I had to experience it, just like AWD, I suppose. I didn’t mess around with the problem riddled reviews from most Dropper Seat brands. So I selected the the best, just like my guesstimate was for your E-Bike? (RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper Seatpost Black 31.6 x 440mm / 150mm travel)

    Early the next morning, both batteries charged, I took off for the woods. It’s 6am and dark, but the huge front head light lit up the road like a motorcycle. I travel about 10 miles from my MN suburb, testing brakes, shifting gears, moving power assist settings up and down, experimenting with rear wheel drive, front wheel, AWD and of course the dropper seat adjustments to find my ideal pedal stride. I only ride in AWD now.

    As I pull up to the river bottom trail entrance, which you drop into from the parking lot, I kid you not, it’s covered in thick river fog. I think, this could be bad news, but I was wrong, it was majestic.

    AWD gave me the cornering stability and confidence and I just rode at a comfortable pace. I’ve never felt that type of power and grip like this before and was experiencing a vacation adventure. A few turns later, I learn the hard way, off the trail, that BOTH break levers are ALWAYS USED to slow down around corners.
    In my opinion, using one brake alone isn’t enough, because as the second motor idles down, it’s still pushing? Anyway, I must have missed that video, because every E-bike rider with AWD probably knows this, now I do too.

    I’ve been taking this beast out every weekend since and simply enjoy exploring more than I have words to describe. I’ve never written a review before, but sometimes a product just deserves it.
    It’s a GREAT ride, THANK YOU!

  3. Robert G

    Bought two 1000’s for my daughter and her husband, now her ex. If I’d have known I would be the proud owner of two E cells and an Ariel Grizzly I would have gotten the Monarch. Darn. Oh well, these bikes are awesome but the torque sensor and extra power of the 1500 would be awesome. Maybe E cells has a trade in policy??

  4. Mandy Bates

    Got my 1500 eCell bike about two weeks ago. Basically I would marry this bike if I could. It was true love at first site. I’ve ridden about 100 miles so far mostly in the city (Decatur, Atlanta) and along the Chattahoochee river paths. I can’t wait to take it to my parents farm where I grew up. The rear suspension is amazing. Wow. I mainly use the rear motor/battery but used AWD a few times on steep hills. The power with the dual motor is huge you just have to experience it yourself. Gear system is smooth and easy to use with two thumb buttons and a sweet twist throttle. The display is simple to use and program. Every time I go through a neighbor hood or stop at a light people are asking me about the bike. She’s a looker y’all and the power is serious. This eCell bike is the Tesla of bikes. Power and class.

  5. Curt Schumacher

    I love my E Cell 1500 Watt Dual Crown All Wheel Drive! So much power, so fast, King of the rugged trails! Real head turner! People I meet that have Rambos wish they would’ve gotten the E Cell after they see, compare and ride mine. My girlfriend is getting the step through 1000.

  6. Shawn Platt

    I am very impressed with my Limited Edition Monarch Crown 1500. It is incredibly fun and powerful! I have ridden other fat-tire Ebikes, and none of them compare. The power is amazing. It works great on-road of course but on dirt trails it really shines. With the all-wheel drive it climbs up very steep trails that I’ve had to get off and walk up on other single motor fat tire ebikes. I think the front wheel motor makes such a difference because when your climbing a steap hill you need to lean forward and with only a rear motor you loose your traction or you lean back and the bike “crawls out from under you.” With all wheel drive and plenty of power you just climb right up, even without pedaling. The twist grip accelerator is very smooth and it will give a very smooth increase in power and allow you to gradually accelerate, ride at slow crawling paces, or jump from zero to full power depending on how much you twist, I find it to be much smoother than other bikes I’ve ridden in this regard. It does take a little getting used to because it has the ability to throw lots of power to the wheels immediately if you choose to or if you are still figuring out the pedal assist, enough to peel out of pavement. I unlocked the top speed and it now easily goes in the mid 30’s on a flat without pedalling and over 40 mph if you pedal hard on a flat. I was also impressed climbing a fairly steep hill on pavement and it kept up at about 25mph with no pedaling. The suspension is great and the bike just looks awesome. I love the Black and Gold and the overall quality of the parts is great. I definitely highly recommend this bike.

  7. Dustin Collinsworth

    I’m on the fence here, on one hand, I got the bike and it didn’t work but the friendly staff was quick to diagnose the problem and sent me the right parts to fix it so. But, that being said, their wonderful staff did help and we resolved the problems so that I could finally ride the bike. And let me tell you it’s fun to ride the bike. It is smooth cruising down the road and it’s so much fun in fact it gets me out of the house on those cold snow days just to see what my bike can do. 5-star fun!

  8. Gregg Savage

    Okay Greg Savage here I just came back from the first Warm night ride since I put it away in mid-november and I had a blast through our Elizabeth Park here in Connecticut up and down the street to the center of town where all the coffee shops are and getting all the looks and attention again the bike before flawlessly I love it I’m wondering I have two questions even though it has dual suspension it is a little stiff for me cuz I have back problems. can I buy a suspension seatpost to help it or would that just not work as well?… also I saw somebody right that you can buy the front end of the new model with the big headlight and better forks I really like that and it came out right after I bought this one can that be done and how much would it cost? Believe me I’m not complaining about this bike it is true it’s the best you can buy and it really turns heads. I love the darn thing! I have a collection of motorcycles ,a boat and I also fly airplanes and all I think about all winter is this bike and when I can get back on it.lol

    • E-Cells

      Hey Greg thanks for the great remarks. Call Rachel at 702-960-2015 Thank you

  9. Lee Nicholas

    We bought 2 of the Super duel crown bikes. They are awesome. They have so much power and maneuver ability. I am a novice rider, but I was able to get on and go immediately.. we live about 6 miles from our post office box and this sure comes in handy with the price of fuel.

  10. Jim King (verified owner)

    I love my 1500LE!! It’s a game changer for getting out and enjoying the day while getting great exercise. I get comments wherever I go. The power is awesome and handles my weight-(265) with no problem at all!!
    If you’re looking for an all terrain bike- this is the one.

  11. Andrew Youssef (verified owner)

    I love my Ecells Super Monarch Dual Crown 1500 LE! I’m the fastest, best looking and performing bike out there, every time I take my bike out. This bike checked so many boxes for me for instance, I could not compromise on a slower bike or a bike without full suspension, both of those are a most! Another big box it checks is range, with dual batteries I have no range phobia at all! The AWD tackles any hill I throw at either pedaling or throttle only. The bike is heavy, but it only means it’s well constructed. The bike also is big so be sure to have your inseam measured, so that the friendly and experienced team at ecells make sure you get the right sized bike. The customer service is USA based and absolutely amazing! They are attentive, kind and very professional! You want this bike, just do it!!


    The owner, David, called me personally to answer my battery questions. I was totally impressed at the customer service from Ecells. I placed my order late on a Thursday afternoon and I had a tracking number within an hour or so, and then bike arrived Sunday morning. I’m an experienced ebike owner, and I am blown away by the quality of the build of the Super Monarch 1500 Dual Crown AWD Limited Edition. I’m a 75 year old 6 ft, 240# 100% disabled veteran. The packaging was exceptional. Despite rough treatment by the carrier, there was no damage at all to the bike or components. I was able to fully assemble the bike by myself. Having never spent this kind of money on a bicycle, I was immediately suffering buyer’s regret, until I experienced my first ride. Now, my only regret is the amount of time spent, while out on a ride, answering questions by individuals blown away by the beauty of this bike.

  13. Larry Thicke

    What a great bike, very smooth ride and plenty of power. Being my first e bike i had several questions but they were very supportive and answered them in almost seconds. I cant wait until my wife can ride hers, she got the 1000 watt step through. Its hard to stop smiling after you ride it. What a great anniversary gift.

  14. mike martucci

    I purchased a super monarch AWD and a step through for my wife. I have to say that opening the box was as fun as any Christmas morning I can remember as a child. This Bike is impressive. I am retired from the Army and now a farmer. I can honestly say this thing is built better than most of the (mil spec) equipment I have used. We plan to use our bikes daily to bring our produce to market. Beautiful bike and great experience with Ecells.

  15. Andrew

    I bought this bike shortly before moving overseas, but I got to ride it for a couple of weeks before I had to pack it back up. As an avid motorcyclist, this is an AWESOME machine! I can do thing and go places that I should only be able to do/go on a motorcycle, but I can do it in places where motorcycles aren’t allowed. Power on tap! Tons of juice to get me out there, let me play and get me home! Two Wheel Drive is a game changer – WOW!! I love this bike. Great people too, you can’t go wrong with these bikes. Buy one of these. You won’t regret it – and better quality that Specialized, Canyon, Trek and other e bikes I’ve ridden with so much more capability. Wow.

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