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San Francisco UberEats Delivery Rider

I deliver for UberEats in San Francisco and needed a bike to help with the hills. I couldn’t be happier with the Super Monarch. This bike rocks! The dual motors allow me to take direct routes to customers on streets where even the sidewalks have steps. I don’t have to worry about drinks spilling, because these shocks and fat tires really smooth out the bumps in the streets. Speaking of those tires, they seem to be made of Kevlar. I’ve had some huge shards of glass embedded in the tire from all of the broken glass in the city, yet none of them have punctured the inner tube. 1,100 miles so far and I expect to put another 6K miles on the bike this year. Thanks Dave! You’ve provided killer support and I feel like I’m part of the E-Cells family.


  1. Is there a discount for VA

    1. Yes we have veterans discounts: 10% ACTIVE, 7.5% disabled, 5% for all other Veterans.

    2. Yes 5% for Veterans, 7.5% Disabled veterans, and 10% for Active Military.

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