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Super Monarch 1000-Watt Electric Bike

photo of an orange E-Cells electric bike on grass in front of trees

The original and most popular electric bike produced by E-Cells is our Super Monarch 1000-watt electric bike. This bike is highly capable of carrying you anywhere you need to go. With two powerful Bafang hub motors, you have 1000 watts of power ready at your fingertips. This gives you even more capability, making your bike fully all-wheel drive. This also cushions you along the trails, as we have incorporated both front and rear shocks. Along with two separate batteries providing you with 1504-watt hours of power on a charge, the Super Monarch is more than capable of cruising you around town or on the trails!

At E-Cells, we always strive to bring you better and better electric bikes for use in your everyday life. Ultimately, we do this by providing you with a model of electric bike that is constantly being upgraded to bring you the best machine possible. We’ve recently integrated a single charging port into the system, meaning your Super Monarch 1000-Watt electric bike can be charged with a single charger, rather than two, saving you time and effort. To monitor your electric bike’s systems, we have our 750-C dashboard displays, which are compatible with iPhone and Android to bring ease of use when you’re operating your electric bike.

In the creation of this line of 1000-watt electric bikes, E-Cells has worked tirelessly to bring our customers a bike that is a game changer within the marketplace by overtaking the competition with power, capable design, and many included features that aren’t available on any other option. All of these factors together make our Super Monarch a true game changer in the industry. Our Super Monarch 1000-watt electric bikes come in your choice of Candy Red, Orange, or Black

For more information on our Super Monarch 1000-watt electric bike, get in touch with us or browse our various videos and manuals to learn more. Or, browse our selection and order your new AWD electric bike today!

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