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Super Monarch Crown 1500-Watt Electric Bike

Super Monarch Crown 1500-Watt Electric Bike

We’re proud to present our newest addition to the E-Cells Super Monarch family of electric bikes. The new Super Monarch Crown 1500-watt electric bike is made specifically with hunters and outdoorsman in mind. We made various changes from our original model of 1000-watt Super Monarch bikes; most noticeable are the extra 1500 watts of power we’ve added. Plus, along with an 18 MOSFET controller putting out 44 amps, you have a peak power of 2200 watts to blast you along any trail you choose! Using twin 750-watt Bafang hub motors—rather than twin 500-watt versions—we can greatly increase the power you feel while riding. We also knew we couldn’t just increase power without increasing the capacity of the batteries feeding these powerful motors. We’ve upgraded to a battery system to provide the rider with 1638-watt hours of power, an increase of 9% from the original Super Monarch.

Aside from this, we’ve adapted various other features on our Super Monarch Crown 1500-watt electric bike to ensure your Super Monarch Crown is fully capable of handling the roughest terrain and most difficult treks. Wider and more aggressive tires give more grip no matter what the terrain is. Larger rear disk brakes (with four pistons each) give you added stopping power. Meanwhile, a new derailleur is incorporated specifically for off-road purposes, dampening any chain bouncing that could happen while traversing rough ground.

Through our redesign process, we’ve taken special care and suggestions to craft the ultimate off-road hunting bike that gives you a 400 lb. load capacity, aside from the weight of the bike itself, giving you the ability to carry your game with you! With an optional front rack, we’ve provided even more space to carry your gear and supplies about your Super Monarch Crown 1500-watt electric bike. Putting this all together, we’ve created an off-road electric hunting bike that ensures no man, bike, or game will be left behind.

For more information on our new Super Monarch Crown 1500-watt electric bike, get in touch with us. Or, if you’re interested in purchasing your own, place your order today! For even more opportunities to try our Super Monarch electric bikes, check out our 1000-watt electric bikes, coming in Candy Red, Black, and our flagship Orange color. Browse our various manuals and videos to learn more tips and tricks for your new bike!

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