Tips for Riding Electric Bikes Safely

Anytime you are riding or driving a vehicle of any sort, you must take extra precautions to keep yourself and others on the road safe. As the owner of an e-bike, you will find yourself in a unique position because you can go faster than on a normal bicycle. In some ways, an e-bike is just like a regular bike, and in others, it differs. Recall these tips for riding electric bikes safely before heading out and while you are actively using your e-bike.

Brake Earlier Than Normal

After learning to ride a bike, you quickly get a feel for how much space to leave yourself when braking. Most of the time, you can brake close to the spot where you want to stop because you aren’t dealing with too much forward momentum. Despite having a similar appearance to a regular bike, an e-bike changes up how you brake. Since you’ll be using the motor assist most of the time, you need to remember that there is a lot more speed behind your pedaling. Slow down and brake earlier when you still have plenty of space between you and the place you need to be. Over time, you’ll become familiar with the increased braking distance.

Make Yourself Noticeable

There are times when stealth is important, but riding an e-bike is not one of those times. Make sure to turn on your lights whenever it is dim outside, and outfit the bike with a bell. The goal here is to make sure people see and hear you easily. This way people who are walking or cycling near you will be aware of you and move out of the way when necessary. Making yourself noticeable is also essential when you’re on the road with cars because your smaller size might hide you from their conscious view when they don’t expect a speedy cyclist close to them.

Be Aware of Automobiles

On the other side of the coin, you should always remain alert when sharing the road with larger vehicles. Be ready to avoid them should they move towards you in a way that could result in a crash. A lot of people will not realize that you’re on an e-bike that moves much faster than an average bicycle, and they might adjust their movement based on the usual slow movements of cyclists. Remember this and don’t use your assist in sudden bursts that could confuse or surprise drivers.

Knowing some tips for riding electric bikes safely will better prepare you to start using an e-bike. If you’re thinking of purchasing an e-bike, call E-Cells. We have powerful, reliable 1000-watt electric bikes for sale.

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