Benefits of All-Wheel Drive E-Bikes

Benefits of All-Wheel Drive E-Bikes

Bike riding is a lot of fun as a leisure activity, and it can be improved further when you add electric power to the mix. With an e-bike, you can go faster with less intense exertion and go up inclines without needing to dismount since you can utilize assistance from the motor that is built into it. There are still some limitation you might face with an average e-bike, though. Depending on the surface you’re riding on, you may find that certain areas just aren’t conducive to your cycling. If you ever run into a situation where the battery or motor die on you, you’ll also be left with a bike that is heavier than normal. The benefits of all-wheel drive e-bikes address these concerns, as we’ll expand on.

What are the advantages of AWD  Electric Bikes?

  1. Power: Two motors can easily do what one will not.
  2. Redundancy: If one motor fails you have another as a backup. If both motors fail you can still ride the bike home.
  3. Traction: What good is having extra power if you can’t deliver it to the ground? With a dual-motors driving two wheels at the same speed you are delivering twice the power to the ground. The AWD E-Bike easily travels through soft sand, mud, and snow.
  4. Increased Speed: The AWD electric bicycle will produce a 16% higher speed for the same amount of power that would be applied to a single motor. 28mph vs 24mph
  5. Efficiency: With AWD you can travel further with the same battery and power of a single wheeled powered E-Bike. And, because of the 16% increase of speed for the same wattage you can travel 16% farther with an AWD e-bike. This is truly “synergy in motion”.
  6. Less Trail Damage: Another consideration is that when riding on trails in the National Park system single wheel E-Bikes tear up the trails more than a AWD E-Bike of equal power because the power is split between two wheels.
  7. Durability: The dual motors run more than 50% cooler than a single motor under high stress.
  8. Better Handling: On dry pavement, AWD can help the E-Bike handle better and ensure that full power gets to the road. And in slippery conditions, such as ice, snow or mud, it provides additional traction for safer, more confident handling. The front motor also assists in pulling you through the corners.
  9. All season riding: With an AWD E-Bike you can ride year-round.
  10. Peace of mind: Regardless of where you live, it’s likely you get at least occasional bad weather. Whether it’s snow, rain or anything in between, you’ll certainly sleep better knowing you have an E-Cells Super Monarch AWD E-Bike when the going gets really tough.



  1. what is the weight of these bikes? and do you honor senior or vet’s discounts?

    1. 92 lbs. Yes we offer Veterans discounts.

  2. John D Hargo

    What is the range of the Super monarch? I’ve looked for the info. but I didn’t locate it, Thanks

    1. The range will vary from 30 miles at full throttle to 60 miles riding 20mph. Offroad the 1000watt runs 32mph and the 1500watt is 37 mph.

  3. Edgar F. Ortiz

    How often the batteries need to be recharge? does the bike comes with a charger? In the video a show a key to the battery, what is the key for?

    1. feel free to call 702-960-2015

  4. Looks like a great bike. I was wondering if down the road it would be possible to add a pinion and belt and be able to eliminate the cassette and derailer. I’m interested in this mainly for the reduced maintenance and greater reliability, a bonus would be more gearing potential.

    Your thoughts on the matter.

  5. Ludwig Wilczak

    I noticed Kurt asking a question about replacing the chain with a belt drive? What is the difference? and Whats better?

    1. The Gates belt drive offers a long lasting alternate to regular chain driven systems. No derailleur to get hung up. No chain to break. Quiter. We offer this option by special order for $200. more. You wont be able to shift up and dont have the multi-gears available to utilize.

    2. Like Kurt mentioned the Gates Belt Drive system offers reliability, reduced maintenance, and is quite. You have no cassette, chain, or derailleur to shift gears to climb hills. The top speed pedaling is highly reduced.

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