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1500w 60v 1200Ah


FREE SHIPPING TO LOWER STATES, NO SALES TAX CHARGED*  0% financing is available to qualified buyers through Affirm for six months. The frames on these bikes are the same Ecells Super Monarch frames we’ve used over the past five years. Their extended frame design accommodates a seat post-mounted controller and offers remarkable precision welding and paint. They’re proven and reliable, and they’re E-Cells and no other.



  • HENTACH REAR HUB MOTOR -STAMPED CONTINOUUS 1500W Motor producing 147nm torgue. It’s an actual solid motor we were pleased to add it to our powerhouses.
  •  One of HENTACH’s best inventions is the patented Nylon-steel gear, now widely used in EU and US markets. Its strength is five times that of nylon gears, which allows it to achieve higher power, longer lifetime, and lower cost.
  • CONTROLLER:KT 60V 40A controller. This powerhouse delivers 2400 watts of power for breathtaking torque and speed performance. One of E-CELLS’ design criteria has been to examine what other companies have experienced when using a particular component and evaluating their customer comments on social media to assist us in assessing those components. The heart of an E-Bike is its motor controller. (It takes the juice in and distributes it out, so to speak). Talking with the controller company, it was found that these controllers were creating excess heat buildup, and thermal shutdown or failure resulted from it. Also, they weren’t weatherized. Having nearly five years of experience in high-power drive systems, we found that having thermal conductive gel inside the controller (like we have used for AWD bikes for nearly five years) would solve this unapparent issue. And we have, by having the controller company add Therml Conductive Gel in the controller. No other company has had KT do this to their controllers. Enhance the performance of your e-bike with thermal conductive gel in your controller. Experience increased efficiency, reduced heat dissipation, and improved stability during operation. Invest in the benefits of thermal conductive gel for your e-bike with E-Cells Five Star Bikes. This is a must-read:
  • What are the advantages of  Thermal Conductive Gel in controllers? Click Here

  • PEDAL ASSIST: 5 levels. Unlike torque-sensor-based systems, a cadence-based system does not require hard pedal pressure to produce more power.
  • SHIPS CLASS II, POWER AND SPEED LIMITED TO 20MPH. (Can be changed to UNLIMITED thru display for off-road fun, increased speed, and power.) 
  • DISPLAY: KT LCD 8H COLOR DISPLAY. The system displays the vehicle’s speed, single mileage, and cumulative mileage, as well as the amount of time the vehicle has been riding, the type of gear used, the motor’s power and temperature, the battery’s voltage and charge, the brake’s status, and other cycling parameters. It also records the power consumption in real time to ensure the vehicle’s riding mileage, allowing you to watch power consumption for long-distance riding.  It also has a multi-gear switch and can restore power-off stalls when turned on. Additionally, it has a data view feature that allows users to view historical driving data, single or cumulative rides, the maximum speed, and the average speed of a single ride. The system also has a cadence function, which displays the pedal/RPM in the assistance mode. Finally, it has a CRUISE CONTROL feature that automatically maintains the bike’s speed to drive at a constant speed.
  • THROTTLE: Half-twist throttle on the right-hand side with leather grip.
  • BATTERIES: 60v 20AH for a total of 1200WH of power. SAMSUNG 21700 50-E cells are used in the batteries. We use only Samsung cells. They have been proven reliable over the last five years with no reported battery fires from our customers. Samsung is the leading battery brand in the e-bike industry. This is why Samsung batteries are used in most high-end e-bike manufacturers. These Samsung e-bike batteries have a longer lifespan and higher capacity, so you will go further on a single charge. They are also more affordable in the long term. If you are looking for a reliable battery that will maximize your investment value, then Ecells is your go-to brand.
  • RANGE: Because of the many variables involved in that calculation, it is hard to determine the range. If you are 200 lbs and ride 35mph using an average of 2000 watts, you will go 21 miles on full throttle unassisted. However, if you’re on PAS 1 riding 15 mph using 250 watts, you can expect over 70 miles. 
  • BATTERY CHARGING TIME: 7 hours if batteries are fully exhausted.
  • BATTERY CHARGERS:   A 60V Fast 3 Amp charger is included.
  • CABLES AND CONNECTIONS: All waterproof connectors. (IP65)

Pictured here is our waterproof controller, which is not covered by a cover that has caused excess heat problems with other manufacturers. . The mount is professional and not held on with zip ties or bands like other sellers.  Notice our luxurious metal flake blue. Deep in rich royal blue color, this process takes three coats of paint. Click on the picture for a better view.


  • FRAME: #6061 Aluminum alloy. We’ve used this premium frame on the Super Monarch series for five years. It might be a little heavier than the competition, but it needs to be to offer a lifetime frame warranty.
  • FRONT FORK: RST GUIDE Hydraulic suspension fork 75mm travel. 
  • REAR SUSPENSION: DNM A0-38 air suspension shock. Adjustments: Rebound, Lockout, and air pressure.
  • SADDLE: The seat has been upgraded for your riding comfort.
  • GRIPS: Comfortable ergonomic leather grips allow you to rest the heel of your hand firmly on the handlebars for added safety and support. They also lessen numbness.
  • DRINK CUP BOSSES. Pre-drilled holes on the top frame with hex bolts allow for easy drink cup installation.
  • FRONT BASKET MOUNTS: We offer a 40lb sturdy basket for $99. extra. The basket is Included free for a limited time. There is no need to order when checking out.
  • REAR CONTROLLER MOUNT. The mount is professional and not held on with zip ties or bands like other sellers. See the above picture.
  • UPPER PIVOT ARM has a center stabilization bolt between the shock mount and the frame pivot point. The pivot arm is extended for the longer suspension arms to accommodate the controller. These arms are standard on all our Super Monarch bikes and used in the FIVE STAR™.
  • Available in blue, gloss black, and matt black. Special order colors are available upon request for, possibly, an additional charge.


  • RIM: Double Wall aluminum. Bikes with this power require more expensive double-wall rims. Double-walled rims provide increased strength and durability compared to single-walled rims, making them better suited for challenging terrains, such as off-road biking. The additional layer enhances the rim’s ability to withstand impact.
  • SPOKE: Strong 12 gauge stainless spokes in rear wheel painted black. 13 gauge in front.
  • TIRES: 26X4.0 inch The Kenda Krusade is an ideal fat tire with its speed, grip, and volume combination for most off-road conditions. Affordable Wire Bead Construction. 60tpi casing
  • FRONT and REAR BRAKES: TEKTRO HYDRAULIC HD-E350 brakes, two pistons, power cut-off sensor, easy to adjust, with 180mm rotors. 
  • BRAKE LEVERS: Tektro Forged aluminum lever / Cast aluminum bracket 3-finger blade with ball end allows two-finger braking.


  • CASSETTE SPROCKET: Cassette sprocket: 11-34T DNP freewheel Teeth: 11-13-15-18-21-24-34T
  • The total weight with the front basket and battery installed is 88 lbs. The battery weighs 12 lbs. Yes, our heavy-duty 6061 aluminum alloy frame weighs more than most companies.
  • Comes with an aluminum rear rack, steel fenders, and a heavy-duty aluminum front basket.
  • OUR STANDARD FRAME SIZE IS A 17″ frame. Special orders are available in a 19″ frame at no charge. When you checkout, put your frame and color choice in the comments section in the cart.
  • PAYLOAD, not including the bike, is 330 lbs.

WARRANTY: Lifetime Frame Warranty, Two years for motors and batteries, 12 months on all other components.

Discounts: Active Military, Disabled Veterans, Veterans, and Active Responders discounts are available. Please get in touch with our office for details.



The front basket is exceptionally sturdy and attached directly to the frame. This design ensures that even when making a swift turn,
there’s no risk of your cargo being tossed through the air — a common issue with baskets mounted on the handlebars.
This makes it safer for carrying pets like “Fido” without worrying about sudden movements sending them flying through the air.




Pictured here are the Upswing Riser-type handlebars with a crossbar to mount the display, other phone mounts, etc.







                                   Hentach provided this data. 



               MOTOR TESTING DATA

                     147.6Nm of Torque!

1200w HENTACH motor testing results

Size Chart Ecells 17″ Super Monarch Frame

NOTE: Our product description may seem long and too wordy. However, Telling you features without the benefits is like giving you the ingredients to a recipe without telling you what you’re cooking. It provides the basic information but lacks the context and appeal of the result. We want you, the consumer, to reach an educated decision. That’s what we try to explain in detail.

Additional information

Frame Color

Blue, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Orange, Red

Frame Size

17" Standard, 19" Special Order

Front Basket

No, Yes ($99)

Micro Smart Pump

No, Yes ($69)


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