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Our 600-watt hardtail electric bikes are the perfect option for experienced electric bike riders and novices alike. With power coming from dual Bafang hub motors, you will have 600 watts to play with on roads, trails, or anywhere else your E-Cells bike can take you! Having a hub motor in each wheel means your 600-watt hardtail electric bike is more than capable of crossing challenging terrain and traversing rough conditions. If you need help figuring out the ins and outs of your new electric bike, check out our videos and manuals! Get in touch with us to learn more about our bikes!

If you’re interested in a more powerful model, our 700-watt and 100-watt Super Monarch electric bikes may be the best option for you. Available in Orange, Black, and Candy Apple Red, you’re sure to find the perfect electric bike for you. Click here to learn more about this model of an electric bike!


All Wheel Drive Hard Tail Fat Tire

48 Volt 250Watt + 350Watt Bafang Hub Motors

The 26″ Fat Tire Model FAT-AWD 600 Watt E-Bike Specifications

The 26″ Fat Tire Model FAT-AWD E-Bike


MOTOR:48V/250W+350W brushless DChub motor installed in front&rear wheel

FRAME: Aluminum Alloy






BOX DIMENSIONS:(cm)173 L x 30 W x 82H

THROTTLE: Thumb Throttle





Fender: YES

RIMS:26 inch Black Alloy

SPOKES: Stainless Steel

TIRES: Kenda Krusade Sport Tires 26 x 4.0 with K-Shield Protection

GEAR SHIFTING: Shimano Derailleur 7-Speed Freewheel

SHIFTER: SHIMANO Push-Button 7-speed

SPROCKET:46T chain-wheel crank

BRAKES: Promax DISC Brakes Front 160mm and Rear Disc Brake 160mm with Motor Cut-Off Sensor in Brake Handles

SADDLE: Comfort Saddle with Suspension


Standover height is 28″ just in front of the seat. This bike is smaller in size than the 1,000-watt fat bike and will typically fit riders ranging from 5’4″ and up.

Additional information


Matte Black

Frame Size

17 in

10 reviews for E-Cells 600-Watt Hardtail E-Bike

  1. David yeung

    This ebike is awesome I been ridding for past few months great bike


    Very pleased with this bike. It is 1.4 miles uphill from town to our house and the bike gets me there without pedal assist with a load of groceries in the saddles.
    The variable power button using front, rear, or both motors saves battery use. For a heavy bike it is quite nimble on trails.

  3. Alan Baker

    This is my second e-bike and my first Ecells bike. My first bike is a 750w mid drive so I judge this bike (which is about 1k less than my mid drive) by what I have learned with the other.
    I thought mid drives was the way to until we got my wife a hub drive and the biking world suddenly looked different…in a good way, so I started looking for a new bike. I spent several months going over different bikes and specifications and almost bit on a 1000w rear hub drive but got cold feet when they quit answering my emails. Writing to Ecells, they where quick to answer my emails and a live person who I could understand answered the phone when I call, so I’m thinking…so far so good.
    I was interested in the 600w hardtail but wasn’t sure if the 600 w motors would be enough. I eventually took the plunge, hoping for the best.
    I’ve had the bike now about 2 1/2 months and I can confidently state, this is an awesome bike. Easier to ride than my mid drive for a reason I can’t quite nail down. Being able to hit the trottle and getting all available power, regardless of which gear you’re in, is the part that really sells hub drives in my mind and the dual hub motors on these Ecells bikes are fantastic. Being able to run the back motor, front motor or both is such a useful option and I couldn’t believe how powerful and fast this 600w bike is. I ride trails with my huskies and run the rear motor most of the time. If one of the dogs gets to far out in front, I kick in the front motor as well and the dogs don’t stand a chance. Up hill or down, rocks, brush, trees, my awd bike brings a new level of confidence and performance I didn’t have in my other bike.
    I may upgrade one of these days to a more powerful bike like the 700 or possibly the 1000watt but it will for certain be an Ecells. For now this bike is all i need and way more than I was expecting and so has the customer service.
    Its difficult to express how great the bike and customer service is without sounding somewhat delusional but hey, they’ve done good by me and I would most definitely buy from them again.

  4. Carlos Corral

    Absolutely love and enjoy my hard tail bike every time I take it out which is almost on a daily basis living in Pacific beach Calif. it’s a great way to get around our boardwalk and bay park.I get more comments on it every day one of the best purchases I’ve ever made

  5. Steve Paluszynski

    I received my bike in April. It was pretty easy assembly .
    I am very impressed , I used it for turkey hunting soon after and was very amazed how it went through the logging roads and a loose sandy freshly disk field on awd.
    For 600 watts this bike is a beast. Can only imagine what the 1000 & 1500 watts can do !!!

  6. Steve Paluszynski

    My Bike came in in April. It was pretty simple to assemble. I am very impressed !!! I took it turkey hunting and I was amazed how this bike went through the logging roads and a freshly disk field on awd. For 600 watts this bike is awesome. Can only imagine what a 1000 & 1500 watts can do !!!!!

  7. Darrin Meadows

    Just before I purchased The best Ebike in America.. I had been searching for almost 2 years for an Ebike and was thinking to myself “why don’t someone male one with dual motors” …. I watched a video of a bike that Had AWD !!! I was like okay .. and this was maybe a year in MY search for ‘scully’ .. that’s what her name is … looking and searching.. winter/spring/Summer past again !!! … I saw a video of a review on a ALL WHEEL DRIVE EBIKE !!! And it’s under $2000 WOW … I watched that video multiple times .. and pulled the trigger .. if you go on my Facebook or Snapchat.. I have promoted this bike from day 1 .. currently saving up for the Super Monarch .. unless you wanna send ME one to do a review on MY pages … that would be awesome!!! And that top bag it looks sweet

  8. Alan Baker

    This is a budget friendly e-bike and worth every penny. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and the suspension fork and seat post make riding much more comfortable than my other e-bike which is a mid-drive.
    Power is very good which was something I was nervous about, up hills or trail riding is no problem at all but II’m only 150 pounds. Love being able to switch between motors when riding trails or use both motors when running my dogs.
    Bike is super to handle, I’m 5′ 8″ and its a great size for smaller framed people. Pedal assistance #1 with one motor is perfect if you want exercise or crank it up if you’re in a hurry. I also love that on the trail if I find a sudden hill that I may not make it over in pedal assist #1, I can hit the trottle and power over regardless what gear I’m in which is a big advantage over a mid-drive.
    After nearly 3 months with this bike, I am very please.

  9. Edward Hart

    600w hardtail

  10. Edward C. Hart

    I have this 600w for over 2 years and everything still works. I have added much aftermarket items , lately is a dual camera system that runs off the E-cell battery and works great. I was going to change out the solid front forks but heard alot of issues about the air forks. So for now with my three batteries and complete set of extra wheels and hub motors, im content. I can make this bike a 700w buying a 48v front wheel from there 1000w. Thanks E cells

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