Benefits of All-Wheel Drive E-Bikes

Benefits of All-Wheel Drive E-Bikes

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Bike riding is a lot of fun as a leisure activity, and it can be improved further when you add electric power to the mix. With an e-bike, you can go faster with less intense exertion and go up inclines without needing to dismount since you can utilize assistance from the motor that is built into it. There are still some limitation you might face with an average e-bike, though. Depending on the surface you’re riding on, you may find that certain areas just aren’t conducive to your cycling. If you ever run into a situation where the battery or motor die on you, you’ll also be left with a bike that is heavier than normal. The benefits of all-wheel drive e-bikes address these concerns, as we’ll expand on.

Broader Terrain Range

One of the greatest advantages of all-wheel-drive (AWD) e-bikes is that you can tackle terrain that would have been impossible to traverse on a single-wheel-drive e-bike. This is because AWD e-bikes have two motors (one for the front wheel, one for the back), which make both wheels work actively in propelling you forward. You thus gain twice the traction and can remain stable on softer, unpaved earth. Whether it’s mud, rocks, sand, or snow, the thick wheels will have the power to grip it.

Backup for the Unexpected

Picture this: You’re taking a long ride miles away from home, trusting that your e-bike will help complete the journey comfortably. All of a sudden, something feels off, and you find that you need to pedal harder. You look and discover that your motor has died on you. Now you have to get all the way back with no assistance whatsoever. You can feel safe from such a scenario with an AWD e-bike. If one motor stops working, you can still use the other independently. Even if you don’t intend on going through rough ground, that dual power provides you with extra insurance to keep you comfortable despite facing the unexpected.

Better Climbing Capabilities

An additional benefit of all-wheel drive e-bikes is that they also have the strength to move upward with no problem on tougher climbs. The rear wheel pushes you on while the front wheel pulls you, maintaining your control over the bicycle the whole way through. Should one wheel meet a bump on the path that might stop it, the other wheel that does not have an obstacle in its way will provide the force required to pull or push you onward.

Bearing these facts in mind, it’s clear to see that AWD bikes are among the best performing e-bikes on the market today. Contact E-Cells for more information on them.