photo of a black E-Cells electric bike on a concrete walk by a shore

Unleash Your Wanderlust While Mastering Touring and Adventure Travel With an E-Bike

E-bikes have come a long way since they were first invented, and E-Cells E-bikes continue pushing the envelope with new technology. Super Monarch E-bikes by E-Cells have dual motors and batteries, so you can go even more places and take longer trips. If you’ve been putting off an outdoor adventure because you are afraid you […]

What are the benefits of Thermal Gel in a E-Bike Controller?

              What are the benefits of using Thermal Conductive Gel in e-bike controllers? Enhancing Heat Dissipation: It efficiently transfers heat away from electronic components to a heat sink or the controller casing, which then dissipates the heat into the surrounding air. This is crucial for preventing overheating, ensuring the components […]

Why choose an E-Bike?

WHY CHOOSE AN E-BIKE? An e-bike (electric bike) can offer a range of benefits, making it an appealing option for various riders. Here are some key reasons why you might consider using an e-bike: 1. Ease of Travel: E-bikes have an electric motor that assists in pedaling, making it easier to cover longer distances, climb […]

 The advantages of AWD  Electric Bikes

Power: Two motors can easily do what one will not. Redundancy: If one motor fails you have another as a backup. If both motors fail you can still ride the bike home. Traction: What good is having extra power if you can’t deliver it to the ground? With a dual-motors driving two wheels at the […]

Why You Should Invest in an Electric Bike With Fat Tires

An electric bike is a specific type of bicycle with a motor or motors that help supplement your pedaling, but even with this category, there are different kinds of bikes you can choose to ride. One variation of an electric bike has thicker tires than average, and a good example of this is with E-Cells’ […]

black e-bike

How Electric Bikes Help You Stay Fit

So many people struggle to stay physically active because our work requires us to sit down most of the day and we don’t move around much during our free time either. There are plenty of ways we can exercise, but many of them may be difficult to start up, or they may be hard to […]

awd electric bikes

Where to Ride Your Electric Bike

Once you have purchased an electric bike, you open up a world of possibilities for fun open-air excursions. You can use your e-bike for leisure in your neighborhood or to commute in place of a full-sized vehicle. Another aspect of e-bikes’ claim to fame is that you can enjoy nature paths from a speedier, less […]

A woman riding E-Cells Class 3 dual motor e-bike

The 3 Classes of E-Bikes: Find the Perfect Electric Bike for You!

Not all electric bicycles are made with the same form of motor assistance. Although regulation on e-bikes has yet to become completely standardized across the United States, there are classes into which most may be placed. These allow state governments to control the use of e-bikes in different ways depending on the category a particular […]

two awd electric bikes

Reasons to Use an E-Bike for Commuting

Such a large portion of the population relies on driving their own vehicles in order to get to work each day. Doing so is convenient, meaning that many don’t even consider alternative means of transport. But is using a vehicle truly the best choice for you? Consider taking a look at some of the other […]

What to Consider Before You Buy Your First E-Bike

Deciding that you want to get an electric bicycle is only the first step in finding the right model for you. Though the basic concept of giving the rider motor assistance remains the same, there are various e-bikes that you may choose from, each with different specifications to suit your individual preferences. From factors that […]

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