Super Monarch 1000-Watt AWD Electric Bike

$4,295.00 $3,795.00
As low as $90.26 per month
Based on 60 months and 14.99% annual percentage rate






We have added our new heavier frame design with the suspension pivot point now on the chain stay, an 18 MOSFET controller, the RockShox Monarch RL rear shock, the 750-C dashboard display, now compatible with Android and iPhones, and some other secret stuff, (please don’t ask, its proprietary). This brings you the most advanced 1000-watt electric bike available anywhere on the market!

And don’t forget all our Super Monarch bikes now include: NEW INTEGRATED CHARGE PORT ON THE FRAME. AN E-CELLS EXCLUSIVE FEATURE! (Patent Pending) Now, instead of using two chargers to charge the two batteries, we have developed a single charge port on the frame, helping save time and effort while charging your 1000-watt electric bike.

The E-CELLS SUPER MONARCH AWD 1000W has dual 500W Bafang hub motors, dual batteries and dual air suspension. No other manufacturer in the world offers an E-Bike with all these features! This bike has been referred to as “epic”, “a game changer”, and “like no other”.

This remains a great cross-country touring bike (CCT) that gives commuters, campers and hunters assurance with its twin battery, twin motor, and twin suspension design that is powerful, dependable and great looking! For more customization to match your style, our 1000-watt Super Monarch electric bikes also come in Candy Red and Black!

Order your Super Monarch 1000-watt electric bike today with free shipping to the lower 48 states and no-down 60-month financing! And don’t forget the free $250 in accessories included with each E-Bike as our gift to you! For more information on our 1000-watt Super Monarch electric bikes, get in touch with us today, or learn more here!

For even more ways to experience the electric bikes from E-Cells, check out our extremely capable 1500-watt electric hunting bike, the Super Monarch Crown!



  • MOTOR: Twin 500W Bafang geared hub motors have a combined 96nm of torque allowing you to power past our competition with ease. With All Wheel Drive (AWD),  you can go places others can’t.
  • CONTROLLER: 48V Sine Wave with 18 MOSFETS sealed with conductive gel to help dissipate heat away from the heat sensitive components and provide waterproofing.
  • PEDAL ASSIST SENSOR: 1:1 with 9 levels of assist with a cadence sensor.
  • THROTTLE: Now with right handed twist throttle. Left hand thumb throttle is also available via special order.
  • BATTERIES: 1504 Wh. A total of 1504 Watt Hours OF POWER – 48V17.5AH Front Battery + 48V14AH Rear rack battery using SAMSUNG 35E 18650 3500mh matched batteries.
  • NEW INTEGRATED CHARGE PORT ON FRAME. AN E-CELLS EXCLUSIVE FEATURE! (Patent Pending) Now instead of using two chargers to charge the two batteries we have developed a single charge port on the frame.
  • BATTERY CHARGING TIME 6 hours if batteries are fully exhausted.
  • BATTERY CHARGERS: One 5amp charger/fan charging 2 batteries at once.
  • LIGHTS: Front LED and Rear Light equipped in rear or rack battery.
  • CABLES AND CONNECTIONS: All waterproof connectors. Each motor can be disconnected for on road use to comply with local laws restricting the amount of power in use.


  • FRAME: #6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
  • FRONT FORK: GT MARK Adjustable Air Suspension Shock with 120mm of travel includes a lockout feature and adjustability for weight of rider.
  • REAR SUSPENSION: The RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock. The Monarch’s lightweight design not only delivers silky smooth travel, but thanks to a redesigned Solo Air spring with updated damping controls, it also delivers a spring rate you’d generally only get from a much heavier coil shock. So, you get a durable, fully adjustable shock capable of smoothing out the most aggressive trails, while simultaneously saving you weight for epic cross-country riding. The Monarch RL features external rebound and 2-Position compression adjustment (Open/Pedal).
  • STEM: PROMAX Aluminum Alloy Adjustable allows you to raise and tilt back for rider comfort.
  • HEADSET: NECO Aluminum Alloy
  • SEAT POST: PROMAX Aluminum Alloy Seat Post 31.8mm shaft
  • SADDLE: E-CELLS’ specially-designed leather seat gives comfort that eliminates numbness, pain, tingling, and irritation.
  • GRIPS: Comfortable ergonomic leather grips allowing you to rest the heel of your hand firmly on the handlebars for added safety and support. They also lessen numbness.
  • DRINK CUP BOSSES on top tube for drink holder
  • SEAT POST: height is 19″



  • RIM: Double Wall aluminum painted to match frame. This prevents a spoke from puncturing the inner tube in the event of a high impact event and also helps to strengthen the wheel.
  • SPOKE: Strong 12 guage steel with stainless steel Beds
  • TIRES: 26″ x 4.0″ Kenda Tires with K-Shield Puncture Technology. Thanks to the K-Shield technology, a layer of Aramid fiber and ceramic particles under the tread area protects the tire against punctures from glass and thorns and increases tire life. What are Aramid fibers? Aramids are used in many high-tech applications, such as aerospace, military applications, and “bullet-proof” body armor!




    • CASSETTE SPROCKET: 10-SPEED  SHIMANO DEORE CS-H650-10  HYPERGLIDE. Delivers precise and consistent shifting across a wide range of Mountain bike conditions – 11-36T MTB Cassette Sprocket (11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36Tooth)
    • CHAIN: KMC X10E with stretch proof treatment, high torsion resistance, and TRIPLE X DURABILITY
    • Total weight with batteries 94 lbs. 
      • HELMET ($30 Value)
      • MIRRORS ($25 Value)
      • CARGO NET AND CARGO STRAP ($15.Value)
      • TWO CUSTOM PANNIERS ($80 Value)

Additional information

Weight115 oz
Dimensions65 × 12 × 38 in

30 reviews for Super Monarch 1000-Watt AWD Electric Bike

  1. Jim Wannamaker

    The Super Monarch 1000 is awesome! What a blast to ride. This E-Bike is the best I’ve ridden and what a great value for what you get. Two thumbs up and five stars!

  2. David

    What a surprise it was when I opened the box, a helmet! Once I got all the protective packaging off, I assembled the Super Monarch in about 30 minutes. It was simple. Put the front wheel, the fender, and the handlebars and your done! What a beautiful bike this is. I didn’t think I’d like the color, but wow this is a perfect match. Love it. Took me awhile to understand the color display and how to setup my private pin code, but not complicated at all. My first ride scared me with all its torque and speed, but once you got comfortable with the Super Monarch 1000, no problems. Glad I bought it and I’m really considering getting my wife a 700. Of course I wouldn’t want her to beat me. I weigh 240 and her 130, lol. I too, give it two thumbs up.

  3. Neal (verified owner)

    So far, the bike’s been great! I ride it about 13 miles a day, to work and other places before heading home, and at that rate, I’ve had enough battery power to run between 3-4 days (throttle only one way, pedal assist the other). Ever since I adjusted the pressure in the front and rear shocks for my weight, the ride’s been pretty smooth, even over the dark, uneven, root-strewn path I take home. The gear shifting is smooth when pedaling, and the power when using full throttle lets me either keep up with the slower traffic or shoot ahead to get into position so that they can pass me safely. It’s been pretty much the best electric bike I’ve owned, and I’ve had several.

  4. Micah

    I got a 1,000W SuperMonarch to review and this is one of the most fun e-bikes I’ve ridden in a long time (and I ride different e-bikes almost every day). I can ride it to a bike park 6 miles away, ride around all afternoon, then ride it home and I still have over half of my battery left. And the power is just insane. I hit 33 MPH and when you totally unlock the power it feels like a motorcycle. It’s just a crazy fun ebike!

  5. Marty Gillespie (verified owner)

    The bike traveled from Nevada to Connecticut then up to Montreal some 3500 miles it arrived in perfect condition (good news). I know nothing about bikes and it did take me close to an hour to assemble alone (I’m 65).Batteries were probably at 80% out of the box (good).Rode it around last night in the dark in the snow with 12 lbs. in tires suspension was not easy for me to figure out, so I brought it to my local shop to check and adjust suspension, Wow does it ride well now what a difference, this thing is fun fast and strong, rode 45 kms today battery was still 60% .
    Thought I would mostly use the throttle but I pedaled most of the day.
    I am really happy I bought this bike its really well made and heavy(bummer)

  6. Donald Gray (verified owner)

    I really love this bike. Lots of fun and great exercise. I can dial in the amount of effort I want to put out seamlessly on the fly. I’m a 70 year old that has enjoyed various extreme sports for over 50 years. I’m slowing down due to age and an a-fib heart. This bike lets me attack trails that I haven’t been on in years. The speed is enough to get the adrenalin flowing again.
    I’ve had the bike up to 34mph but I haven’t really tried to max it out. Battery life has never been an issue. I’ve never been below half full.
    I was also amazed at how easily it pedals with no assist. I thought for sure that at the “neutral” setting I was still getting some assist until I looked at watts being used and saw that it was zero.
    I’ve been more than pleased with the quality of the components – derailleur, brakes, shocks. Everything about this bike is better than I expected.

  7. Leonhard Schuko

    We purchased 2 bikes, my wife and I we drive in the Canadian snow, these bikes gave fantastic traction on snow with plenty of supporting power when required to move over obstacles.
    What a great e-bike!, in my opinion best one for the quality vs price and performance.
    5 STARS for the product

  8. Kirk Deffebach (verified owner)

    I got one of these delivered to Panamá, the country. I’m an avid surfer with challenging terrain to say the least. Got surf racks for it and couldn’t be happier. Just did 58 kilometers and still had 68% battery. This bike rocks. The power and weight ratio is perfect. Customer support is fantastic, thanks David. Couldn’t be happier.

  9. Shay Capehart (verified owner)

    I deliver for UberEats in San Francisco and needed a bike to help with the hills. I couldn’t be happier with the Super Monarch. This bike rocks! The dual motors allow me to take direct routes to customers on streets where even the sidewalks have steps. I don’t have to worry about drinks spilling, because these shocks and fat tires really smooth out the bumps in the streets. Speaking of those tires, they seem to be made of Kevlar. I’ve had some huge shards of glass embedded in the tire from all of the broken glass in the city, yet none of them have punctured the inner tube. 1,100 miles so far and I expect to put another 6K miles on the bike this year. Thanks Dave! You’ve provided killer support and I feel like I’m part of the E-Cells family.

  10. Mary Simpson

    My husband and I ordered these bikes based on a reference from our friend who is an excellent engineer and had done a lot of research on the new wave of a bike technology and batteries.

    We live in southwestern Ontario and got them at Christmas time. We have taken some rides in the winter cold and can’t wait for the weather to warm up..

    What exciting new technology. These bikes are a wonderful cross between bicycles and small motorcycles. The designers have found the sweet spot between the two.

  11. Charley Siess

    Best e-bike on the market! Bought two 1000 Watt E-Cells Super Monarchs, one with the beautiful candy red paint, the other in the orange which my wife liked best.
    We formerly manufactured a product, and packaging was always a significant cost consideration.
    E-Cells is not sparing expense in their packaging. Heavy wall boxing and memory foam generously employed resulted in the two e-bikes arriving in perfect condition.
    Assembly took under an hour for the two Super Monarchs.

    We are an avid fly-fishing couple with our 2020 route planned for Texas to the Alaska from May they Nov.
    As an offshore engineer to the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, I depended upon highest quality gear and more importantly redundant equipment. It was that experience that led me to choosing the dual motor, dual battery, dual brakes, and dual suspension Super Monarch. When my wife and I head out along the Madison river in MT, or the Russia River to fly-fish for the day, I know we are going to make it back to our camper each evening!

    The amazing paint work in these bikes is as good as that in any Harley-Davidson we own!

    At 67 and 64 we are going to have the greatest access we’ve ever had courtesy of our E-Cells Super Monarch aswe travel from National Park to National park.
    I welcome continued reporting of our E-Cells Experience throughout 2020.

  12. Thomas

    Probably the best ebike you can buy for commuters or urban, suburban trail riding.
    Details make all the difference and ECells nailed it perfectly. One major thing I’ve found is the gearing is spot on. You still have pedal force at the highest speed of 31mph. My other ebike does 28mph but in the highest gear, your pedal input stops around 20 mph. So, your throttle only over 20 mph. Extremely comfortable ride. The components are pretty nice. Not top end, but a grade level high enough to provide reliability and smooth working order.
    One negative and believe me this is minor. The throttle trigger spring tension is light so on bumpy terrain, it’s hard to modulate the throttle.
    Everything worked perfectly out of the box. Easy assembly.

  13. Dennis

    Since e-bikes are now legal in New Jersey I decided to purchase a quality bike. After many days of research into just what was on the market and what type of bike would be best for me. I decided I would get a
    Class 2 e-bike so I can legally bike on the public roads, thankfully I found Ecells. The Super Monarch stood out from the rest.There were some questions I had and Dave the owner was more than helpful in taking the time to tell me all about the bike and He answered all my questions. Within a few days I purchased the 700-watt Super Monarch model.
    My bike arrived about 5 days later. The bike was easy to assemble, just the handlebars and front tire and a few accessories the rest is pre-assembled. I was really amazed of how good this bike not only looks but performs. The charge time was 4 hours. You can switch from front, rear, or dual-wheel drive. I recommend the Dual All Wheel Drive setting as this makes the bike really get up and go accelerating forward with the ease of the thumb throttle or the well balanced peddle assist. Ride the streets to your local off-road trails and there’s not much to get in your way. It climbed up steep bumps, crawled over 10-inch deadfalls and through the shallow muddy creek this bike just kept going on and on. I ran out of energy long before my Super Monarch! It has a smooth ride with the adjustable dual suspension system. Amazing range with either throttle or peddle assist. The factory 20 mph Class 2, the setting can be increased up to 28 mph for off-road riding only. Check your local laws before doing this. The bike is fast enough in a lockout at 20 mph with the throttle only, but the extra speed is there if you need it. Fantastic customer service and a quality well built beautifully designed bike. Thank you so much Dave and everyone at Ecells this bike has improved my quality of life…and that is priceless to me….Get yours today!!! Ride safe.
    Sincerely Dee from Plainfield N.J.

  14. Steve (verified owner)

    I have three other electric bikes, but this is the best ride ever! I commute to work once or twice a week and have a lot of fun riding to and from. The power is exceptional. The duel batteries give me lots of charge so that I needn’t recharge after every ride. The ride is solid and smooth. The components are top notch! The electronic display is very slick. I recommend this bike highly to anyone interested in a great commuter and off road bike.

  15. Jeff Manion

    I purchased the 1000 watt Orange E-Cells Super Monarch. It arrived well packaged, easy to assemble, batteries fully charged.

    I spoke to Dave far in advance of order to get a technical rundown on the design etc. before pulling the trigger on ordering.

    I already own a Specialized Vado 2.0. I love that bike too. However, I was interested in going off-road, and the Super Monarch seemed like a good fit for me at 62 years of age.

    The bike is very well designed! The shock system allows easy comfort riding on rough terrain. The bike came with all accessories, including helmet, gloves,panniers, tool kit, and lights. The only thing I added was a loud horn (excellent investment).

    I do ride on the streets (bike lane) in Phoenix almost daily. The one thing that impresses me is how I can pass a large group of road bike riders and leave them in the dust!

    I recently did a 43-mile ride using both batteries on level 5 assist with the occasional throttle when I wanted to kick it up a little. After returning home, I still had some battery left.

    When you buy one, be prepared to answer a lot of questions as everyone wants to know more about the bike. My final comment, Outstanding bike!

  16. Paul McHargue (verified owner)

    The bike is great a lot of fun to ride. We have a lot of hills and trails on our property, the bike handles them with no problems. David was awesome when we had a service issue. Quick and pleasant.

  17. Brian Dein

    Wow! This piece of machinery is like getting a the largest, beautifully shiny Candy Apple for Halloween.

    I got my first electric bike last year and didn’t think anything could be better. Wow; I was wrong!

    This thing is a monster! Rips through the sand on a dry beach and whizzes through the wind when on the wet hard sand. An occasional pass through 4 or 5 inches is. Blast!

    If you like being noticed; this is it. I can read the lips of all that peak at the massive tires, sweet humming sound and insane color.

    This thing plows up a bridge or hill like a car!

    So durable and so much fun!

    It’s an investment but well worth it!

  18. Laura Nero

    This bike is amazing. Now that the weather has cooled down I have been able to ride my bike on a daily basis and absolutely love it

  19. Larry clanton

    Lately I’ve been riding the 1,000 W Super Monarch All Wheel Drive (AWD) dual suspension electric fat bike from Ecells. And I’m finding it difficult to put into words how crazy and fun this e-bike is. I have put over a 100 miles on bike and have no problem going up hills. Dave has been excellent with helping me get my bike. PS best bike on the market.

  20. George Gray

    The super monarch is awesome ???? I love this bike. The ride is incredible! I won’t hesitate to recommend it to others. Thanks David for making this bike!

  21. steve tracy

    After researching ebikes for about 4 months, I decided on the 1000w AWD Monarch. And I couldn’t be happier! This is a top notch bike with more power and range than expected. As great as the bike is from E-Cells, the company itself is equally great! I would highly recommend E-Cells!

  22. Boyd Alan Walker

    The most fun I’ve ever had on a bike!  I have owned other eBikes, but this one blows the doors off the competition.  The fat tires make it stable in a variety of surfaces and the two motors will go on and off road.  It’s the perfect combination of speed and hill climb with ease – I get compliments on the bike all the time and I’ve already logged 400 miles on the bike.

  23. Roy

    I had a unique problem in I am a right leg below the knee amputee. I’ve alway had to buy a good quality bike as when I would get pedaling hard the frame otherwise would flex. After some less then beneficial care I was looking for a bike to help rehabilitate my leg strength while enjoying my time on the bike. On many ebikes as I would pedal the crank would push my foot off the pedal as it rotated around. I knew how I wanted the bike equipped and the Super Monarch came with all the accessories I would’ve bought anyway. All included in the price of the bike. The Super Monarch has been a great bike both on and off the road. As I am build back my strength I know I can always get home. Great support after the purchase of my bike from eCells.

  24. Paul Olson (verified owner)

    I just retired from hang gliding and needed a new adventure and this fills the bill. Not only adventure but practical and thankfully not as dependent on the weather as aviation. My Super Monarch 1000 arrived early and was easy to assemble. The quality seems top notch, however I upgraded the seat to an old man cushy seat.

    This thing goes very much like a light motorcycle, you end up pedaling on air and feel the wind in your face. I’m grateful for all the extras, like the helmet, panniers and nice tool kit.

    I’m already saving up for another one so I can go bike packing together with a buddy.

    Dave the owner has been super helpful, so all in all very happy with this bike.

  25. Fred souza

    David Oct 4 2020. I’ve have own an MTN e-bike since 2007 an totally enjoy it more on road then off road. This year I decided to try the monarch 1000 and that’s was a great choice. I love the fat tire for stability ,dual battery great range, dual suspension smooth, and awd dual motors hit the beach here in New England love to go fishing towing a trailer with rod holder cooler and tackle along the Cape Cod channel in Ma. I call it my road skiff and people sure have a lot of questions so get ready. This e-bike sure changed my past time. I ride it at least 4 times a week 8 to 12 miles each time, and enjoy it every time I use it. I was 62 when I bought the first e-bike now I’m 75 and still ride more now then ever since Dave sent me the e-cell AWD 1000. I sure encourage seniors if you can ride a bike, get an e-bike from Dave! you’ll love it it has so many options plus it will help you get fit. I’ve put it to the test and all I can this is a winner. Dave a great guy, he stands behind it . Thanks for a great bike blows the others away!

  26. Eddie

    Received my Orange 1000w Monarch in September 2020. LOVE IT! Need a little help from these 5 star owners in reference to the 750-C Bluetooth dashboard. After putting in the information on my I phone for destination and pressing start, it does not show up on my Bluetooth dashboard! Need help! Thanks!

    • E-Cells

      Eddie, Go to your App store and select I-BIKE+ and download

  27. Matthias cooper

    I am pleased to share I am completely satisfied with this bike and the technical support I get along with it! Any questions I have the are quick with a response! Thank you and I will continue to enjoy this bike!

  28. Gary Polen

    I received my in March of 2020 I enjoy this bicycle it’s the red 1500 watt. I had some issues with y cord and I received nothing but professional service from Mr. Cleveland and his staff well done! This is one of my best e bike I own and I have nine.

  29. James Doremus

    I bought a Super Monarch AWD and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. It was the best money I spent on an E-bike. Cooperation from the Owner David and his wife is outstanding. Looking for further fun because every day is.

  30. David Rees

    Thank you David Cleveland and Neva (especially Neva, she’s great!!) My wifes’ new 17″ frame Super Monarch is perfect for her! Customer service; second to none! We really use our bikes and they work great! Thanks a ton and have an awesome Thanksgiving! we give thanks for you guys.

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