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The Advantages of Electric Bicycles

A basic bicycle is a nigh ubiquitous item that most people have owned or ridden on at some point in their lifetime. Bicycles can be a delightful source of fun, a means for exercising, and a method of transportation. The possibilities open up further when you look at electric bicycles, or e-bikes. These wonderful vehicles […]

e-bike pedals and gears

What is an E-Bike and How Does It Work?

As you look through the options for bicycles available on the market today, you may come across a type called e-bikes. But what is an e-bike and how does it work? Well, the “e” in the name stands for electric, as these bicycles have components added to them which allow for assisted propulsion. In other […]

Neal Loves Ecells

So far, the bike’s been great! I ride it about 13 miles a day, to work and other places before heading home, and at that rate, I’ve had enough battery power to run between 3-4 days (throttle only one way, pedal assist the other). Ever since I adjusted the pressure in the front and rear […]

San Francisco UberEats Delivery Rider

I deliver for UberEats in San Francisco and needed a bike to help with the hills. I couldn’t be happier with the Super Monarch. This bike rocks! The dual motors allow me to take direct routes to customers on streets where even the sidewalks have steps. I don’t have to worry about drinks spilling, because […]

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