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What is an E-Bike and How Does It Work?

As you look through the options for bicycles available on the market today, you may come across a type called e-bikes. But what is an e-bike and how does it work? Well, the “e” in the name stands for electric, as these bicycles have components added to them which allow for assisted propulsion. In other words, your pedaling isn’t the only source of power. Let’s take a look at the basics behind an e-bike’s design.

Important Parts

An e-bike’s ability to move the rider forward is fundamentally based on a few basic parts which are shared among all the different types. These include the motor, battery, and sensor.


The motor is the component that causes the movement of the bike, apart from pedaling. It can be mounted on the front wheel, back wheel, or in the middle near the pedals. E-Cells’ e-bikes make use of a dual-motor system with one motor on each wheel to provide more stability and power on more types of terrain, similar to all-wheel drive in automobiles.


The battery is where the motor draws its power from. On an e-bike, these commonly appear as prism-shaped sticks, which may be attached to the frame at different points, depending on the bike. E-cells’ bikes have one battery for the front and one for the back motor. These can be detached and conveniently charged inside your home through normal outlets with chargers that come with it.


The sensor lets the e-bike know when to activate the motor power so that it does not try to move when you aren’t pedaling. It’s thus crucial for making sure that the e-bike doesn’t start running out of control when you use it due to a divide between rider and machine.

How it Works Overall

An e-bike gives you flexibility in regard to how you choose to ride. You will probably want some assistance the majority of the time, and you can switch between different incremental levels of electric power that is output by the motor to help you. With our e-bikes, you have a choice between nine levels of assist. As you pedal, the sensor will start the selected assistance from the motor. You can switch to more assist when going uphill or when you want to go faster, and vice versa. E-bikes also let you pedal without any help at all and can support movement all on their own without you pedaling when you engage the throttle in the handlebar.

If you want to get an e-bike of your very own, check out E-Cells today. Though twin motor-designs had hitherto been deemed impossible, we developed our AWD electric bicycle models and created a new standard for reliability and power in the industry. See the difference for yourself.

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